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The stone that tells your story

Choose jewelry with a birthday stone. Find a stunning casual accessory or a dazzling gift for a special occasion. Choose from a wide range of our jewelry. And what stone are you looking for? Discover your birthday stone.

January - Garnet

Royal red garnet is a stone for people born in January. This eye-catching stone symbolizes truth and loyalty. A garnet ring will make every day special.

February - Amethyst

Romantic and passionate amethyst is a stone for people born in February. Symbolizes peace and quiet. Jewelry with amethyst is a thoughtful and personal birthday present.

March - Aquamarine

Icy and elegant aquamarine is a traditional stone born in March. Symbolizes friendship and happiness, is an amulet of sailors. Celebrate your March birthday with jewelry with this unique stone.

April - Diamond

The shiny diamond is a stone born in April. A gift in the form of jewelry with diamonds, symbolizes eternity, health and abundance. Makes every birthday special and unforgettable.

May - Emerald

Celebrate your May birthday with jewelry featuring stunning green emerald. This eye-catching stone symbolizes loyalty, loyalty and love.

June - Pearl

Shiny and beautiful pearls are a traditional stone for people born in June. Available in bright white or shimmering colors, this classic stone represents peace, beauty and friendship.

July - Ruby

Red ruby is the color of stone for people born in July. Jewelry with this royal stone symbolizes honesty, confidence and strength.

August - Peridot

Lush summer peridot is a traditional stone for August. It is said that jewelry with this eye-catching stone brings divine inspiration.

September - Saphire

The September birthday stone is sapphire. The most common choice is blue sapphire, but consider also pink or white to celebrate this special occasion.

October - Opal

A luminous opal radiates with a rainbow of iridescent shades. The traditional birth stone in October, embodies long-lasting love. This unique gem will definitely conquer many a woman's heart.

November - Citrine

Warm lemons bring hope, help and loyalty. Royal Citrine is a November stone. It is said that this golden-yellow stone is comforting, energizing and vital. Check out the jewelry offer with citrine.

December - Blue Topaz

The rich and majestic royal blue topaz is a traditional birth stone in December. This stone has shades from light to bold dark to emphasize the character of the recipient. It's a great choice that will make any occasion unique.