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Read before you buy

Choosing the size of the rings

All our rings are made by a seamless method. Each wedding ring has a comfort (slightly convex) interior as standard. It is possible to change the size that does not affect the appearance and quality of the ring. The engraver is preserved. However, we suggest an accurate measurement before buying. This can be done in any jewelry store. We use European sizes every one size. You can also order every half size and individual width every half millimeter.

Changing the size of the rings

If changing the size of the rings is necessary:

CLASSIC ( free up to 2 sizes above PLN 200)

PREMIUM wedding rings (PLN 300, Tema PLN 200, Ice PLN 200, Perla PLN 200)

Personalization of rings

Engraving inside the wedding ring and stone setting.
NOTE : Personalized products cannot be returned or exchanged.

You can order an engraving of the wedding rings later, once you are sure that that the sizes are perfect. You will only bear the return shipping cost.

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